No More Powerpoints and Flashdrives

As a chair/co-chair in a MUN conference, you hate to exchange conference powerpoints with your dais team. CloudMUN stores all your conference data on the cloud. All you need is login.

CloudMUN Software


  • CloudMUN Realtime Sync

    Realtime Syncing

    Data synced realtime across your dais team.

  • CloudMUN Majority Calculation

    Majority Calculation

    We know you are lazy, so do we.

  • CloudMUN Timer Tntegration

    Timer integration

    No more iPhone timer, everything you need in one interface.

  • CloudMUN Conference Timeline

    Conference Timeline

    Record everything happened in the conference room. Remotely mointor every conference in realtime.

  • CloudMUN Autocomplete


    Save time and avoid typo during sessions.

  • CloudMUN Offline support

    Offline support

    Unstable internet connection? We are here to prevent it.

ROP Support

The following Rules of Procedure are currently supported by CloudMUN.

  • Roll Call
  • Setting Agenda
  • General Speakers' List
  • Secondary Speakers' List
  • Moderated Caucus
  • Unmoderated Caucus
  • Post./Resum./Closure of Debate
  • Introduction of DR
  • Friendly/Unfriendly Amendment
  • Suspension/Adjour. of Meeting
  • Reorder DR
  • Division of Question
  • Roll Call Vote
  • Simple Majority
  • Vote by Acclamation

Success Stories

Thanks for their support, the following conference has already adopted CloudMUN.

Get Started

CloudMUN is currently not publicly available.
If you are interested in using CloudMUN (Including free educational program), please email to